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About the Author

Clarissa F. Smith, Ph.D., MA, OTR/L is known as the Caregiving Doctor and called the “Mother of Family Caregiving” today. She loves working with older adults and children. This is her life’s work and contribution for generations to come. 

She is a family caregiving expert and licensed occupational therapist who has spent her life working with those in nursing homes, assisted living, home health, and hospitals.

She is the host of The Caregiving Doctor Radio Show and national show Caring for Our Aging Parents on World Harvest Television Network. Dr. Smith has published more than 250 national articles in the Geriatrics Journal.

She is the author of the “Aging Parent Booklet Series” and conducts seminars for schools, churches, and communities on aging issues. 

She holds several other credentials, including Geriatric Care Management Certificate and Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS).

Clarissa has founded several daycare inter-generational facilities and is now a family caregiver for her loved ones.


Clarissa F. Smith, Ph.D., MA, OTR/L provides informative topics and activities that help raise young people’s awareness of treating older people. She trains the kids to be exposed to the needs of the elderly. She is a PIONEER in the family caregiving industry and has work and has established her own inter-generational daycare facility.  



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